Where to get your credit report? How to read it? Where to get your credit report? How to read it?
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Where to get your credit report, How to read it!

What is a credit report?

A Credit Report is a detailed statement that has all the information about:

your credit or loan history
how and when you pay your EMIs
how much debt/loan you have
how long you have been running your loans
how many times have you applied for the loan in past

It is like a report card on how you are managing your loans and credit cards.

Pls note: All the personal and loan information as seen in the credit report is based on what is shared by the bank/loan company which have given the loan to you.

What does a CIBIL TU credit report look like?

(Sample credit report, with below info around it)


Your 3-digit measure of creditworthiness, ranging from 300-900, based on your repayment behavior 

2. Personal Information

Details like name, DoB, PAN Card number, Passport number, etc. as reported by the banks and loan companies

PS: Make sure this information is accurate

3. Contact Information

Various contact details provided by various lenders are recorded here. 

Up to 4 addresses are mentioned here.

4. Employment Information

Monthly or annual income details are captured here as reported by the lenders at the time of loan application.

5. Consumer Disputes

This will appear only if the customer has disputed any information.

Disputed sections are marked in red with the details given in a red box above that section.

These will be removed when resolved, but the information may or may not be changed basis the revert from the banks/loan company

6. Account Information

Name of lenders, types of credits, account (loan) numbers, dates the accounts were opened, date of last payment, loan amount, current balance, amount overdue (if any), month on month payment record of up to 36 months

It's the most important section. Any errors observed should be reported to your bank and corrected urgently

7. Enquiry Information

This section details out the purpose for which the enquiry is made and the approximate amount for it is highlighted in this section.

What other credit bureaus are there in India? 

                                        Experian                        Equifax                   CRIF High Mark

Where can you get your credit report?




As per an RBI mandate, all credit agencies have to furnish one free report, known as the Free Full Credit Report (FFCR) every year, upon request.

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