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The Vision

To provide innovative retail financial services focusing on the mass-retail segment.
To help clients realise their dreams and ambitions in a financially secure way.
To offer long-term, stable, and challenging work opportunities.
To improve living standards by supporting domestic consumption of the country.

The Values

  • — Be Entrepreneurial

    I share responsibility for Home Credit's results.

    When I am empowered to make decisions, I take action with confidence or I speak up boldly.

    I have a clear idea of the results I want to achieve.

    I enjoy what I do, I bring passion to my work and I share my enthusiasm with others.

  • — Be Focused on results

    I always use my time efficiently and respect the time constraints of others.

    I strive for quality in everything I do - whether big or small.

    Whatever the risk, I make sure I know how it contributes to the outcome we are seeking to achieve, then I start working on it.

    I am willing to adjust my personal priorities at work for the good of the business overall.

  • — Be Innovative

    I proactively look for new ways to solve problems and make our business more successful.

    I am not afraid to try something new. Even if it doesn't succeed, there are always lessons to be learned.

    I take on new challenges enthusiastically.

    I speak up when I have an idea - because a good idea can come from anywhere.

  • — Be Fair

    I never take advantage of other people's mistakes or lack of knowledge.

    I always set clear expectations and work hard to deliver what I promise.

    I always treat others fairly, honestly and straightforwardly and I don't play office politics.

    I take full accountability for what I do and I don't leave it to others to complete my tasks or correct my mistakes.