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Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) India Highlights



Responsible finance, digital empowerment and financial inclusion are woven into our DNA. They are central to our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) efforts at Home Credit and underpin our support for customers, communities, staff and stakeholders.

Since Home Credit began its operations, we grew with the mission of transforming the business so we could better help others.

Our ESG policy ensures that ESG and sustainability are consciously and consistently embedded in all of our operations, through three main pillars.


Digital Empowerment 

We believe it is our moral responsibility lies in digitally empowering the people and communities we work with.

Financial Inclusion 

Helping those who are under-served and new to financial services, as well as offering a trusted alternative to unregulated shadow lenders are one of our main priorities

Financial literacy

According to a report by the Global Financial Literacy Excellence Center, only 24% of India’s adult population is financially literate. As a financial services company, we are ideally placed to administer financial education to our customers as well as to general public. 

ESG Report: Key Highlights

Enabling Digital Empowerment,
Financial Literacy & Financial Inclusion

  • 50k+

    digital POS* touchpoints for customers

  • 95%

    retailers are small family owned businesses

  • 67%

    reduction in average loan disbursal time due to digitalisation

  • 30%*

    shift in personal loan through digital channels (2% in 2018 to 30% in 2021)

  • 65%

    increase in numbers of borrower served (8.5Mn in 2018 to 14.2Mn in 2021)

  • 40%

    customers are first-time borrowers with no credit history

  • 57

    NPS: customer satisfaction among the highest in the country

  • 30K

    respirators & 1.8 million surgical masks donated to India's MOHFW*

  • 3M

    people engaged on financial literacy via Paise ki Paathshala

  • 500

    female enterprenurs assisted through partnership with SEWA

*NPS - Net Promoter Score | *MOHFW - Ministry of Health and Family Welfare | *SEWA - Self Employed Women’s Association
Ondrej Kubik

Ondrej Kubik

CEO, Home Credit India

Commas Home Credit India is supporting India's post-Covid recovery by making it easier to gain access to credit. Our sustainibility pillers - Financial Inclusion and Financial Literacy, along with creating resilient communities is our way of contributing to nation building.Commas

Ashish Tiwari

Ashish Tiwari

CMO, Home Credit India

Commas As a responsible lender, we ensure that customers understand every aspect related to their loan application and have a seamless experience throughout the loan journey. That way, we’ve helped millions achieve their dreams and enabled customers to build a positive credit history.Commas

Harshita Khanna

Harshita Khanna

Chief People Officer
Home Credit India

Commas Our employee engagement strategy focuses on establishing an open environment where employees can speak freely. And have gone beyond the conventional approach to DE&I by focusing on training our managers in unconscious biases, micro-aggression and inclusivity. We’re also living up to our belief in equal opportunity by making our job descriptions gender neutral.Commas

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