Payment Related FAQs

What is a Repayment Schedule and how do I get a copy of it?

Repayment Schedule provides information about your due date, due amount, payment status, payment date and paid amount
You can download a copy of your Repayment Schedule from our mobile app under “My loans” tab

How can I access my Repayment Schedule?
What are the payment modes accepted for the Home Credit Loan repayment?
How can I give standing instructions for direct debit repayment?
What is date of overdue or Due Date?
How are Special Mention Accounts (SMA) categories classified?
When is the upgradation done for the accounts classified as NPAs?
When does the mandate get presented for my monthly instalment (EMI)?
Why did my monthly instalment get deducted from the bank account when it was paid in advance for the respective month(s) through other repayment channel?
When should I pay my monthly instalment in advance through any other repayment channel?
I have opted for Direct Debit as repayment mode but EMI amount has not been debited from my account?
How can I find my due amount and next EMI due date?
How do I change my EMI due date?
How can I change my repayment mode to Direct Debit?
I have paid extra amount this month, how can I get my refund?
When would I be levied late payment charges in my loan?
How can I foreclose my loan?
Where can I find my contract number and customer ID?
How can I make my EMI payments?
I have made the payment for my loan in the wrong contract number. How can I rectify this error?
What are the advantages of making payments on time?
What is Penal Interest?


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