Frequently Asked Questions

Mobile Phone on EMIs

How can I buy a Mobile Phone on EMIs?
We offer Mobile Phone on EMIs up to 100% of the phone value on zero or very low-interest rates. To avail the Mobile Phone on EMIs, head to the nearest Home Credit partner shop. For Home Credit partner shops near you, click here.
What is the maximum loan value of the Mobile Phone on EMIs?
Home Credit Mobile Phone on EMIs can be availed maximum up to ₹60,000.
Where can I buy Mobile Phone on EMIs from Home Credit?
Home Credit India is currently present in 179 cities and have partnered with more than 29,000 merchants in these locations. Click here to see the list of cities.
What documents are required to avail of Home Credit Mobile Phone on EMIs?
Valid ID proof and Address proof are required to avail Home Credit Mobile Phone on EMIs.
Which documents are accepted as Identity Proof?
The following documents are accepted as valid Identity Proof.
•    PAN Card
•    If PAN Card is not available, then Form 60 with one of the three below documents
•    Passport
•    Voter ID Card
•    Driving License
Which documents are accepted as income and address proof?
The following documents are accepted as valid income and address proof.
•    Voter ID Card
•    Driving License
•    Passport
•    Bank Passbook / Bank Statement
•    Government House Allotment Letter
•    Property Tax Receipt
*Conditions apply. Home Credit India reserves the right to call upon additional documents at its discretion.
Can I select the loan amount and tenure of the Home Credit Mobile Phone on EMIs?
Yes, you can choose from the range of available options as per your convenience.
How many Home Credit Mobile Phone on EMIs can be availed on a single application?
You can avail only one Home Credit Mobile Phone on EMI on a single loan application.

What should be the minimum gap between two loan applications? 
There should be a minimum of 90 days’ gap between two Home Credit loan applications.
What are the value-added services available with Mobile Phone on EMIs?
You can avail the Mobile Protect, Safe Pay and Extended Warranty as optional value-added services along with Home Credit mobile phone on EMIs.  
Is it mandatory to avail value-added services?
No, it is not mandatory to opt for value-added services. However, it will be beneficial to you in case of mobile damage and also helps you avail payment holiday option.
What is Gift Pay offer provided by Home Credit India?
Home Credit India has loan offers for select products where the last EMI is waived off if customers pay all previous instalments on or before the due date.
When will my ‘Gift Pay’ loan term get over if I pay all my EMIs on time?
The loan term will terminate automatically 6 days after the payment of the second last EMI.
Can we change the EMI due date?
No, EMI due date is system generated and cannot be changed during the entire loan tenure.
Will I be eligible for the last EMI waiver in case I foreclose my loan?
No, Home Credit Gift Pay is not eligible upon foreclosure of the loan before the term.
Do I need a credit/debit card to avail EMI? 
No, to avail Home Credit Mobile Phone on EMIs you do not need either Credit or Debit Card.
Do I need to make down payment to avail Home Credit Mobile Phone on EMIs?
Yes, you need to pay 0-40% of your mobile phone value depending upon your eligibility

Is there any processing fee for Home Credit Mobile Phone on EMIs?
Yes, a processing fee will be levied as per the pricing matrix of Home Credit India.
What will be tenure for availing Mobile Phone on EMIs?
Tenure of the loan depends on the chosen brand and product. Typically, the tenure of Consumer Durable loan varies between 3 months and 26 months.

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