Extend the warranty of your Commodity

Industry’s best Turn-Around Time for claims

Benefits of (Mobile) Extended Warranty

Covers manufacturing defect
manufacturing defect

Extensive coverage against manufacturing defects on the components of your commodity

Full value repair
Full value

Full repair, worth the price of your commodity as per the original invoice

Super quick TAT
Fast Service

Resolution within 14 working days

Doorstep service

Free pick-up and delivery of your commodity, T&C apply

Repair and Exclusion process

  • |
  • Exclusions
  • Repair Process


What is not covered by Extended Warranty

•    Any physical damage to the commodity, or loss or damage of electronic data
•    Plan is void if repairs have been conducted by an unauthorized repair center during or before the contract period
•    Accident, loss or damage arising from willful act or negligence of the owner
•    Any other exclusions mentioned in product’s Terms and Conditions document

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

To get answers to the frequently asked queries, please check out our FAQs section here.

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