Why opt for a Safe Pay plan while taking a loan from us

Opt for Safe Pay plans with your loans to safeguard you and your family from financial burden during emergencies!
Select the available Safe Pay plan option during loan application at Home Credit Partner Shops or on Home Credit India App.

Available Safe Pay options for your needs

Plans Payment Holiday Free Early Repayment Life Insurance Health Services
Safe Pay Health
Safe Pay X
Safe Pay Health Lite X

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How Safe Pay ensures your loan coverage in case of emergencies

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Payment Holiday

  • In case of an emergency postpone EMI payment by a month
  • Can be availed after paying first 2 EMI’s on or before due date
  • The loan tenure increases by a month every time Payment Holiday is availed
  • There is no impact on the borrowers credit history
  • Payment Holiday benefit can be availed twice in a year.
  • Atleast one EMI between two Payment Holiday Service need to be paid
  • Call us 6 days before the due date to avail the service. You can contact us in multiple ways here
  • No proof required

Free Early Repayment
Life Cover
Health Services

More benefits, less hassles

Payment Holiday
Payment Holiday

Option to postpone EMI payment by a month in case of an emergency

Free Early Repayment
Free Early Repayment

Flexibility to repay the loan anytime at no extra charge

Life Cover
Life Cover

Life cover to take care of loan obligations in case of death

Health Services
Health Services

Unlimited doctor consultation, free health check-up voucher, savings on medicines and lab tests

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Safe Pay?

Safe Pay is a value-added service offered to Home Credit consumer durable and personal loan customers. It is a package that offers Payment Holiday, Free Early Repayment and Life Cover.

Q. What are the benefits offered under Safe Pay Service? 

Safe Pay offers three services which are as follows:

Payment Holiday: Payment Holiday allows customers to postpone their EMIs by one month. It can be availed after paying the first two EMIs before the due date. Payment Holiday benefit can be availed twice in a year. You are required to pay at least one EMI between two Payment Holiday Services.

Free Early Repayment: Early Foreclosure allows customers to foreclose their loan without any additional charges. Customers paying EMIs through direct debit mode are required to raise the foreclosure request 6 days before the next due date. Customers paying EMIs through any other method can raise foreclosure request anytime

Life Cover:  This allows you to get life cover of up to 1.25 times the loan amount, to fulfil loan obligations in case of death. In case any unanticipated calamity befalls the customer, loan obligation is covered by the insurance and nominees of the borrower are entitled to the remaining Sum Assured amount.

Q. How many times Payment Holiday Service can be availed during the loan tenure?

Payment Holiday benefit can be availed twice in a year. You are required to pay at least one EMI between two Payment Holiday Services.

Q. Does the Payment Holiday Service affect the loan duration?

Yes, each time you avail of the Payment Holiday Service, the loan term is extended by one month

Q. How can I claim the Safe Pay insurance amount?

In order to claim Safe Pay Insurance benefit, your nominee can contact us at care@homecredit.co.in and we shall help him/her with the next steps. To know more click here

What is Safe Pay Health?
What is Safe Pay Health Lite?
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