'Message from our CEO'

I wish all of you are in the best of health and staying safe inside your homes. It is each one of our responsibility to aggressively adopt containment measures and save ourselves, our society, country and the world. I am sure all in the Home Credit family are following the safety and health protocols advised by the Government and adhering to social distancing norms which have become the biggest tool to fight this crisis. While doing so, stay calm, don’t panic and seek medical help only if necessary.

As a company, we’re taking adequate measures to maintain social distancing and win over together, all as One Team. Our hearts go out to those all over the world who’ve been impacted by the virus and pray for their fast recovery and good health.

We are closely monitoring the business environment in association with the industry and taking necessary measures for the well-being of everyone associated with us.

A big ‘thank you’ to all the doctors, healthcare workers, medical practitioners who’re working round the clock to save mankind.

I would suggest all of us to use this time of slowdown, to introspect, plan and prepare for the phase when this is over, so we are ready to scale back with full force and vigour and intensify the endeavours towards building health and creating wealth.

I would like to extend my gratitude for your continued commitment to Home Credit and I am sure all of us will show solidarity and stand by each other in this difficult time.

Humanity has survived many epidemics. I am confident together we will be able to confront, withstand and emerge stronger from this crisis as well.


Kind Regards,
Ondrej Kubik
CEO, Home Credit India


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