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Why do we need an
extended warranty?

Our dependency on phones and the technological brilliance it offers, has surely made phones an integral part of our lives today. On an average, a person spends 3 hours a day on a smartphone in India and replaces it usually after 2 years.
Usually, we get a 1-year manufacturer warranty on the purchase of a smartphone. But the problem arises when any malfunction/defects happen after the 12-month warranty provided by the manufacturer gets lapsed. These defects obviously come with a high cost of repairs and that’s when the extended warranty helps the customers!
On buying an extended warranty, your smartphone is protected not just for 12 months but for 24 months, which eventually saves us from incurring any additional cost of repairs for 2 years.

Features of Extended
Warranty product

  • — 1-year extension of manufacturer’s warranty

    — Enjoy coverage against any manufacturing defects up to 24 months from the date of purchase.

  • — Cashless repairs

    — Avail repair benefits for the full value of device at any point of time during the warranty period, whether its 13th or 23rd month, without spending an extra rupee.

  • — Free pick & drop of the phone

    — We’ll pick your phone and drop it back at your address after the repair.

How to raise a
repair request?