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Why do you need an
extended warranty?

A mobile phone is its owner's right hand and diligently functions well until the day it develops manufacturing defects. Alarmingly, this is experienced a lot post the first 12 months of usage/ ownership.
Crossing the 12 month mark without a warranty for your mobile phone is almost lethal considering the high percentage of manufacturing damages and even higher price of components.
This makes extended warranty – which is an electrical & mechanical failure protection plan for mobile phones, an ally in the long run!

Features of Extended
Warranty product

  • Protection Against Manufacturing Defects

    Cost to repair manufacturing defects is covered at no additional cost irrespective of costs of components

  • Zero Depreciation

    For users to enjoy repair benefits up to full invoice value of device whether they are needed in 13th or 23rd month

  • Easy Repair Request Registration Through Multiple Channels

    7 days a week multi-lingual call center, dedicated repair request portal, email and chatbot to send intimation

  • Easy Status Update

    Instant Status update on the Repair Request via Chat Bot

  • Industry Beating TAT

    Repair your device in no more than 14 working days from date of document submission

  • Doorstep Pick-up & Delivery Service

    No additional costs for picking up and returning a customers device

How to raise a
repair request?

  • Let Chatbot Mia be your single point of contact to register a repair request, check status and download plan certificate
  • Call TechGuard toll free number at 1800-103-6024

What is the repair request process?

  • 1

    Raise a repair request

  • 2

    Submit documents/ pay service fee

  • 3

    Handover phone at time of pickup

  • 4

    Phone repaired

  • 5

    Repaired phone shipped back

*It takes not more than 14 working days between step 2 and step 5.

You can track your repair request in real time by following this simple process:

  • 1

    Click Chatbot link below:
    Chatbot Mia

  • 2

    Choose your language

  • 3

    Choose 'Know your status'

  • 4

    Enter mobile number/ IMEI number to know the repair status

  • Documents Required

    — Copy of Invoice, If invoice is unavailable then the Back cover/Box of the device to showcase IMEI+

    — Identity proof (Any accepted Identity proof as per HCIN)

What is not covered in
extended warranty?

  • Any Physical damage of the smartphone such as damage to paintwork, dent, scratches etc
  • Any loss or damage of electronic data attriubted to the operation of a software virus or any other application software-based malfunction
  • Plan becomes void if any repairs have been conducted by an unauthorized repair centre during or before the contract period
  • Any defects that are subject to manufacturer's recall
  • Accident, loss or damage arising from willful act or neglect of the member