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The Vision

To provide innovative retail financial services focusing on mass-retail segment.
To help clients realise their dreams and ambitions in a financially secure way.
To offer long-term, stable, and challenging work opportunities.
To transform the way the world shops.
We make things that matter in your life affordable.

The Values

  • — Entrepreneurial

    We at Home Credit work smartly to optimise risks. We speak up when we have to and take responsibility for our organisation’s growth.

  • — Focused on results

    With quick decision making, and some flexibility we achieve the quality we strive for.

  • — Innovative

    At Home Credit, we encourage new ideas that add to the bigger picture, and challenge status quo.

  • — Fair

    We respect different opinions but are never shy about communicating our own. We take responsibility for our actions, we accept our mistakes to ensure it doesn’t happen again.