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Steps to Register

  • Login with your contract details
  • Select the contract for registration
  • Fill your details
  • Authorize through the banking platform


  • No more worrying about EMI due dates or late fee
  • Easy online registration
  • Auto deduction of EMI from your bank account


  • Do I have to provide any document or my income proofs to register for Standing Instructions?

    No, registration does not require any document.

  • How do I register for Standing Instructions?

    You can sign up for Standing Instructions on our website. Click here to register.

  • If I register for Standing Instructions, when will my monthly instalment be deducted via this facility?

    The registration will be effective for your Standing Instruction within 10 days. We would request you to register for this service at least 10 days before your upcoming due date.

  • What happens when I register for Standing Instructions?

    On successful registration you will receive a confirmation SMS.

  • Once registered for Standing Instructions, will I be able to register in future with other service provider or biller if required?

    Yes, you can register as many times and with as many merchants as you want.

  • When will my bank account be debited for Monthly instalment?

    You will need to register for the service at least 10 days before the upcoming due date in order for the payment to be made via this facility and the subsequent monthly instalment would be deducted on the due date mentioned on the loan summary. In case it is a bank holiday it will be debited on the bank's previous working day.

  • What will happen if I fail to maintain sufficient funds in my account to pay the monthly instalment?

    Your account will not be debited in such cases. You may be charged a fee as per your respective bank's terms. You will have to pay the monthly instalment via other payment modes as listed on our website on the following link –

  • How do I cancel/modify a registered Standing Instructions?

    You can contact your bank in case you want to cancel/modify.

  • When the Monthly instalment is debited, would I be notified?

    Yes, we send a payment confirmation SMS on your registered mobile number once we have successfully received your monthly instalment.

  • What should I do in case the Standing Instructions functionality is not available for my bank?

    You should make the payment via other available payment modes on our website. You need to check the list of banks provided on our website on a regular basis to see the updated list of banks.

  • What if I want to change my scheduled payment date?

    No we do not have any provision at the moment to change the due date.