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Home Credit SafePay

Emergencies can happen at any time. But the better you prepare, the easier it is to manage them. Choose to stay protected, choose Home Credit SafePay* - an innovative bundle of offerings to ensure complete peace of mind and keep you protected against any situation with its 3 unmatched services at reasonable amount added to your EMI’s.

  • Life Cover
  • Payment Holiday
  • Free Early Repayment


  • Get an insurance for 1.5 times the loan amount to cover loan obligations
  • Assured sum for family in unforeseen situation of customer’s death
  • Covers death due to accident or illness and even natural reasons.


  • Avail the payment holiday after successfully paying your first 2 EMI’s on or before due date.
  • Postpone the next EMI, in case of an emergency. The tenure will increase by a month.
  • Can be used twice in a term with at least one EMI paid in between.
  • Call us 6 days before the due date to avail the service.
  • No proof required.


  • Anytime repayment of loan.
  • No prepayment.