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Upgrade your Smartphone
in Easy EMIs

Home Credit's smartphone finance solution is meant to make life simple for you and help you realize your aspiration, of owning the coolest smartphone on the block, in just a few easy steps. With our loan for smartphones, you can upgrade your lifestyle by reaching out to the top end devices that felt like a distant possibility before. Above and beyond that, our value added offerings like Mobile Protect, Extended Warranty and Safe Pay help you in emergencies by providing additional support and services.

Mobile Phone on 0% Interest EMI


  • — On-The-Spot Loans

    Now you don’t have to wait to own the latest most stylish phone with upgraded features! With Home Credit’s easy mobile phone finance, you can take home your dream phone or tablet today!

  • — Loans without credit cards

    Home Credit does not require you to have a credit card or have taken a loan before in your life to be eligible to apply for a loan. Our simple application process for mobile phone finance can help you get a loan to upgrade your life today!

  • — Wide network of outlets

    Walk into the nearest Home Credit dealer for mobile phones and take easy, simple and quick loans for the latest technology and style in mobile phones and tablets! Click here to find the store nearest to you.

  • — EMIs that suit your pocket

    We believe that you are the best judge of your monthly family income and expenses and would never want your smartphone loan to be a burden to you. Home Credit India thus provides you the flexibility to select your own monthly installment amount that suits your pocket and allows you peace of mind.

  • — Transparent

    We at Home Credit are committed to ensure that all the details of your smartphone loan or tablet loan have been accurately communicated and captured. While taking a loan from Home Credit, our representatives will make it a point to explain all the details related to your loan clearly and transparently. When taking mobile phone finance from Home Credit, you will receive a welcome kit including a Loan Summary that will contain all details such as the loan amount, due date and monthly installment amount.

  • — Just a call away!

    Our friendly and multi lingual customer care staff is always available to guide you along and help you with your mobile phone loan. The Home Credit call center team reaches out to you in the language of your comfort and takes care to be your guiding partner throughout your loan tenure. To know more, please contact us here.

  • — Repayment at your convenience

    We understand that each one of us likes to manage our money differently. That’s why Home Credit gives you the choice of Auto Debit from your bank account each month, online fund transfer or cash payment at a kiosk!

Value Added Services
  • Mobile Protect
  • Safe Pay
  • Extended Warranty

Add Mobile Protect to your purchase, stop worrying about damages or theft!

When you buy your new smartphone with Home Credit, go the extra step and protect it in every way. Mobile Protect ensures that your phone is protected in every situation by offering replacements and free repair in case of theft, breakage and even liquid damage!

  • — Coverage of Mobile Protect Plus

    — Robbery, Snatch & Theft
    — Breakage & Accidental Damage
    — Liquid Damage

  • — Coverage of Mobile Protect

    — Breakage & Accidental Damage
    — Liquid Damage

  • — Key Benefits of Mobile Protect

    — Free Pick-up and Delivery Service
    — Cashless Claims Process
    — Replacement with New Phone
    — No Deduction/Depreciation

Add Safe Pay to your purchase, protect more than just your phone!

Emergencies can happen at any time, not just to your phone, but to your health or finances as well. It is best to be well prepared. Home Credit's Safe Pay ensures complete peace of mind through life cover in case of unforeseen circumstances, and amazing flexibility when it comes to EMI repayment!

  • — Life Cover

    — Get an insurance for 1.5 times the loan amount to cover loan obligations.
    — Assured sum for family in unforeseen situation of customer's death.
    — Covers death due to accident or illness and even natural reasons.

  • — Payment Holiday

    — Avail the payment holiday after successfully paying your first 2 installments on or before the due date.
    — Postpone the next EMI, in case of an emergency. The tenure will increase by a month.
    — Can be used twice in a term with at least one EMI paid in between.
    — Call us 6 days before the due date to avail the service.
    — No negative impact on CIBIL.

  • — Free Early Repayment

    — Anytime repayment of loan.
    — No prepayment penalty.

Add Extended Warranty to your purchase.

With an extended warranty, get protection for 1 year more than your manufacturer's warranty, and save yourself from additional repair costs while getting the most out of your smartphone.

  • — 1 Year Extended Warranty

    — Enjoy coverage against any manufacturing defects for up to 1 year more than your manufacturer's warranty.

  • — Unlimited Cashless Repairs

    — Avail repair benefits for the full value of the device or appliance at any point of time during the warranty period without spending an extra rupee.

  • — Free Pick & Drop of Phone for Repair

    — We'll pick your phone and drop it back at your address after the repair.

  • — How to Raise a Repair Request

    — Visit AmTrust Mobile Solutions Page
    — Visit AmTrust Site and raise a request via the chatbot Mia
    — Call AmTrust Mobile Solutions on toll free number 1800-102-3748 OR drop an email to support@amtrustmobilesolutions.in