Protect your phone against screen damages

Benefits of ScreenGuard

12 Month Screen Protection
12 month
screen protection

Free screen replacement guarantee for 12 months from the date of coverage

Easy repair registration process
Easy repair
registration process

Repair request can be raised through a dedicated call center, claims portal, email or chatbot. 90 day post repair guarantee

screen protection TAT
Super quick

All repairs to be completed within the maximum duration of 10 working days

Doorstep service

Free device pickup and delivery

Repair Process and Exclusions

  • |
  • Exclusions
  • Repair Process


What is not covered in ScreenGuard

  • ScreenGuard plan is exclusively for the mobile screen and does not cover any other component or damage
  • Cracks, fractures or defects developed gradually after the screen breakage or repair that does not require immediate repair for continued phone usage
  • Breakage to the mobile device in a way that it’s serial number or other identifiers are removed or defaced or altered

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ScreenGuard Plan?

The ScreenGuard plan is an exclusive phone screen protection plan to cover the cost of repairing the damaged mobile phone screen

What is the validity period of the ScreenGuard Plan?
Does ScreenGuard Plan provide the post-repair guarantee?
How much time will it take to repair and dispatch the device?
How can I avail mobile phone screen repair service under the plan?
Can I track phone screen repair status?
Does ScreenGuard Plan cover any other damages to the phone?
Do I have to pay any fees to avail the service?
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