Ombudsperson mission statement

In line with our value of being 'Fair and Approachable', at Home Credit India the Office of Ombudsperson helps people express concerns, resolve disputes, manage conflicts, and help learn more productive ways of communicating. The Ombuds Office serves as an independent, confidential, neutral and informal resource to all its customers, partners and employees. The Ombuds Office seeks to promote a fair conflict management system and supports systemic changes to achieve this goal. In often challenging circumstances we look for common ground, fair solutions.

*This office uses all five terms—Ombuds office, Office of the Ombudsperson, Ombuds, Ombudsperson, and Ombudsman

Our Role

The office of an ombudsperson is a safe harbour. There is no vengeance here. There are no losers. Simply fair process, valuing difference in the many ways it presents. We strive for the restoration of human dignity, of personal well-being

The office of Ombudsperson plays 3 important roles:

  • 1
    It provides all who approach the Ombuds Office with a confidential and safe place to discuss their concerns and to think about various options to effectively resolve them

    At Office of the Ombudsperson, we listen to understand issues while remaining neutral with respect to the facts. The ombudsperson doesn’t listen to judge or to decide who is right or wrong. The ombudsman listens to understand the issue from the perspective of the individual. This is a critical step in developing options for resolution. We assist in reframing issues and developing and helping individuals evaluate options. This helps individuals identify the interests of various parties to the issues and helps focus efforts on potential options to meet those interests. We refer individuals to appropriate resolution resources. An ombudsman may refer individuals to one or more formal organizational resources that can potentially resolve the issue. The Ombudsperson will treat all disclosures in a confidential and sensitive manner. Only exception to this rule is where there appears to be imminent risk of serious harm and where there is no other reasonable option

  • 2
    Home Credit India Ombudsperson acts as appellate authority for customers, business partners and employees, who want the resolution provided by the Standard channels/management to be reviewed or want a solution to their concerns

    The identity of the person raising the concern will be kept confidential so long as it does not hinder or frustrate the investigation process. However, the investigation process may reveal the source of the information on a 'need-to-know-basis' and, under exceptional circumstances only to the parties privy to the case and other competent people, the person making the disclosure may be required to furnish written statement during the course of an enquiry not amounting to any legal statement as part of evidence. The decision of the Ombudsperson office shall be binding to all the parties

  • 3
    The Office of Ombudsperson works to bring systemic concerns to the attention of the organization for resolution

    Identifies new issues and opportunities for systemic change for the organization. The unique positioning of the ombudsperson serves to provide unfiltered information that can produce insight to issues and resolutions. The ombudsperson is a source of detection and early warning of new issues and a source of suggestions of systemic change to improve existing processes

Get in touch with us in multiple ways

If you feel that your concern has not been fairly addressed or has been ignored or we have failed to comply with some of the principles that we commit to, and you wish to escalate the same, you may reach out to our Ombudsperson

You can email us all your queries, concerns and suggestions at

You can send your queries, concerns, and suggestions in writing through a letter to:

The Ombudsperson,

Home Credit India Finance Private Limited,

Infinity Towers, Tower C, 3rd floor, DLF Phase-2, Gurgaon-122002, India

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is an Ombudsperson?

An Ombudsperson is a neutral person who can assist in resolving concerns in an informal, confidential and independent manner. The Ombudsperson provides conflict resolution and problem-solving services to the customers and business partners’ of Home Credit India.

When can I get in touch with the Ombudsperson?
Is there any time limit to approach the Ombudsperson at Home Credit India?
Can I remain anonymous?
How can I contact the Ombudsperson at Home Credit India?
When should I contact the Ombuds Office?
How can the Ombudsperson help me?
Will Ombudsperson office keep my identity confidential?
Can a complaint be filed by an authorized representative of the complainant?
What type of cases/concerns will not be supported by the Home Credit India Ombudsperson?
Whatever information that I share with Ombudsperson, am I guaranteed confidentiality?
Will the whistle-blower be given feedback on the further procedure of the investigation?
Within what time shall the Ombudsman dispose of the complaint?
What happens when the Ombudsperson provides/recommends a resolution/solution?
What is to be done by the complainant if the provided resolution/solution set is acceptable to him/her?
Can a complainant seek extension of time for sending his letter of acceptance of the solution set?
Is there any appeal against a decision given by the Ombudsperson?
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