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Because Your Home
Deserves the Best.

Home Credits realises your need to progress in life and your desire for better things. A Home Appliance loan from Home Credit aims to give you a better lifestyle by letting you invest smartly with the help of options like customised installments and easy repayment options. Just look for the Home Credit representative at leading stores in your city and choose a loan with an easy repayment schedule that suits your monthly household budget.

Home appliances
available on

Indicative list of home appliances.

  • — Air Conditioner
  • — Air Coolers
  • — Audio/Video Player
  • — Battery
  • — Clothes Drying Machine
  • — CCTV
  • — Dishwasher
  • — Domestic Flour Machine
  • — LCD, flat TV, LED TV
  • — Home Theatre
  • — Inverter & Battery
  • — Domestic Kitchen Chimney
  • — Microwave Oven
  • — Oven, Stove, Hob, Plate
  • — Air Fryer, Geyser, Oil Heater
  • — Plasma TV
  • — Photo/Video Camera
  • — Refrigerator, freezer
  • — Vacuum Cleaner
  • — Washing Machine
  • — Water Purifiers/RO System


  • — On-The-Spot Loans

    We know that once you have your heart set on that perfect home appliances and electronics that will make your home beautiful and life better you don’t want to wait for it. With Home Credit’s easy home appliance loans with minimal documentation at our wide network of stores, you don’t need to wait to take home your favorite appliances!

  • — Loans without credit cards

    Home Credit does not require you to have a credit card or have taken a loan before in your life to be eligible to apply for a loan. Apply for home appliance finance and make your home well equipped today!

  • — Wide network of Home Appliance outlets

    Walk into the nearest Home Credit dealer for Home Appliance & Electronics loans and take easy, simple and quick loans for appliances that will make your home modern, efficient and beautiful!

  • — EMIs that suit your pocket

    We believe that you are the best judge of your monthly family income and expenses and would never want your loan repayment amount (Monthly EMI) to be a burden on you. Home Credit India thus provides you the flexibility to select your own monthly installment amount for your home appliance loan that suits your pocket and allows you peace of mind.

  • — Clear and transparent

    We at Home Credit are committed to ensure that all the details of your home appliance loan have been accurately communicated and captured. While taking a loan from Home Credit, our representatives will make it a point to explain all the details related to your loan clearly and transparently. When taking home appliance finance from Home Credit, you will receive a welcome kit including a Loan Summary that will contain all details such as loan amount, due date and monthly installment amount.

  • — Just a call away

    Our friendly and multi lingual customer care staff is always available to guide you along and help you with your home appliance loan. The Home Credit call centre team reaches out to you in the language of your comfort and takes care to be your guiding partner throughout your loan tenure. To know more, please contact us here.

  • — Repayment at your convenience

    We understand that each one of us likes to manage our money differently. That’s why Home Credit gives you the choice of an Auto Debit from your bank account each month, online fund transfer or cash payment at a kiosk!